September 6, 2016

Post 234: Why There's No Official 'Luxo, Jr.' Merchandise

Hi everybody! Well it looks like school has started for pretty much everybody now, so why not let me tell you some knowledge with this news story about how Pixar can't even advertise its own mascot.

A couple of weeks ago it was the 30th anniversary of when the original 1986 Pixar short Luxo, Jr. was shown at SIGGRAPH and changed the face of computer animation and introduced the world of what Pixar could really do.

I did a review of the short a while back (which you can find here), and I still watch it on occasion because it is a really enjoyable short and it is respectable as a landmark in computer animation. It's no wonder why the short was deemed a national treasure by the United States’ National Film Registry back in 2014. We see Luxo, Jr. in the logo for Pixar before every Pixar movie and is an icon, but there is one problem.

You see, Luxo lamps are owned by a Norwegian company named Luxo. While they were okay with the short and love the fact that it is being used as Pixar's mascot, but not too much when they try to reproduce them.

As a part of a Pixar set that including some of their movies was a Luxo, Jr. figure that was not made by the official Luxo company. Luxo didn't like the fact that they were making what was basically their product. So Luxo filed a lawsuit, but thankfully Disney settled outside the court.

Additionally, there used to be a Luxo, Jr. animatronic at the Disney Parks which looked really cool. But a similar lawsuit happened which caused them to stop using it and it is unknown what has happened to the lamp robot currently.

While it is kind of a disappointment that we might never see a Luxo, Jr. figure, maybe someday will be the day that Luxo and Disney will work together to make some Luxo, Juniors.

What do you think of this news story? Do you think there will ever be an official Luxo, Jr.? Leave your thoughts in the comments below to let me know and I'll see you soon!


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