September 29, 2016

Post 235: 'Lou' - The Next Pixar Short

Hi everybody! Time for another news post! So, with Cars 3 and Coco coming out next year, that of course means that Pixar will be making more Pixar shorts and it looks like we've gotten a sneak peek of one of them.

Dave Mullins is a 16 year veteran of Pixar and has announced through an internet video, kind of like what they did with the announced Pete Sohn was directing The Good Dinosaur, where he drew a sketch of the short giving us a sneak peek of the short.

You can also slightly see what the short's poster will look like in background if you look closely enough (look at the picture I included and look at the paper next to Dave).

There isn't much to talk about aside from the fact that this does makes me wonder what the actual short is like!

What do you think about this teaser? Leave your response in the comments below to let me know!

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