July 31, 2016

The Pixar Points #30: A Closer Look at 'Toy Story 2'

Hi everybody! Welcome to another Pixar Points, where I look at a certain part of the world of Pixar and analyse it. Today I'm going to look at a whole movie again in detail with an closer look. If you don't already know, this is where I give you details that you probably didn't notice the first time when watching it, and the movie we are looking at today is the 1999 sequel Toy Story 2! This was Pixar's first sequel and it still holds up and now it is time to analyze the movie to see a the work that was put into the film! So let's begin!

I will be looking at the movie scene by scene with screen caps from this website, so let's begin!

We start off with some cool opening logos and, if you look closely, there is a constellation of stars that make up Luxo, Jr.

And this as Buzz enters the scene you can notice that the effects that are better then in the first movie and it shows throughout this entire scene. Also, speaking of this scene, this scene was going to used in the first movie and was going to be hand drawn but now it is in this movie and in CG.

When Buzz enters the planet it is actually a reused set from A Bug's Life, but, when modifying the set, the rocks floated and because Pixar thought it was cool it was kept in. Later, when Buzz lands on the planet he says exact dialogue from when Buzz was on Andy's bed in the first movie and then gets interrupted by robots inspired by many famous sci-fi movies.

Then once Buzz gets to Zurg's lair there is a lot of foreshadowing of events that happen later in the movie and heavy uses of the letter "Z". Buzz later gets to where the source of power is, which is of course a battery, and references 2001 but then gets into a battle with Zurg who is voiced by Andrew Stanton. Buzz gets blown up by Zurg, only to have it revealed that it was all a video game.

In Andy's new house you can see many things that are similar and different then Andy's old room and even a calendar with concept art of A Bug's Life. Later there is some more foreshadowing with the hilarious Al's Toy Barn commercial that even includes a Luxo ball! We then get a cute scene with Buster and the toys and then see Andy for the first time in the film who looks better then in first movie, but not as good as humans would look like in the third movie.

We then get a scene similar to the opening of the first movie with Andy playing with his toys, but now Woody and Buzz have to face off against the Evil Dr. Porkchop. But then Woody's am rips and the sun lightly goes behind the clouds.

Then Woody gets shelved and Andy goes to cowboy camp without Woody, something that he was looking forward to. Later, Woody has a nightmare which he was actually supposed to do in the first movie and now is reused and retooled for this movie. Once he wakes up from it he finds another long lost toy up there named Wheezy, voiced by late, great Joe Ranft, covered in dust, another great use of effects in this movie.

It turns out there is going to be a garage sale and it looks like Wheezy is going to be in it. So Woody goes down to the yard sale with Buster to save him, while doing some great animation on Buster. In the yard sale you can see many reused items from the past two Pixar movies, but it looks like Al has his eyes on Woody and steals him. Buzz tries to get him, but to no anvil and only ends with a chicken feather. Woody then is put into a building with a big "no children allowed" sign which definitely is not a happy sight for Woody. Meanwhile, the toys try to find out who stole Woody.

Buzz tries to decode Al's licence plate and ends up finding out that it means "AL'S TOY BARN". Leaving Rex to be shocked and saying the best line in the movie: "Ah! It's the chicken man!" Meanwhile, back in the penthouse, Woody ends up meeting a whole group of toys including Bullseye, Jessie, and Stinky Pete who are from the same toy line as Woody.

I just really like this animation on Jessie.
The Roundup Gang show Woody around the place and sees all the merchandise from the show including a Life magazine with the birth date of John Lasseter, January 12, 1957, and the show. Then we go back to Andy's house where the toys are trying to find the television commercial for Al's Toy Barn which has the address and with many Pixar short film cameos (slow down video clip below to find them).

Once they find the commercial they start there adventure to Al's Toy Barn to save their friend. Then we go back to what's happening at Al's penthouse and finds out that the show was cancelled because kid lost interest in cowboys. Then after having fun with some more of the Woody merchandise, Stinky Pete tells Woody that they are going to Japan be put into a museum. Then Woody tells them that he has to go back to Andy which makes Jessie gets mad at Woody. But then Al comes in and does a shooting of some pictures so that he can sell them to the museum but then Woody's arm rips off completely. So now Woody is stuck there until the repair man comes in the morning.

Late in the night, Buzz and the gang are on there way to Al's place where Buzz gives a speech to his fellow toys which might be different if you are outside of the US because everywhere else in the world gets a globe instead of the American flag and different music.

But meanwhile Woody decides that he is going to sneak out of the penthouse tonight with his arm and go home, but then the television turns on and he blames it on Jessie since he was mad at him. After a fight between the two it looks like Woody is stuck there until after the repair man. Then back with Buzz and the rest of Andy's toys (and a quick Heimlich from A Bug's Life cameo), all they only need to cross a road and they are at the toy store. So they use traffic cones to cross the road and get there "flawlessly". Actually fun fact, they were originally going to be doing all of the crossing the road at a different part of town, but then was moved to Al's barn.

Then back at the penthouse again, the cleaner is here and actually might seem familiar because he is actually Geri from Geri's Game.

After Geri does a really nicely animated and edited scene where he cleans Woody, we cut back to Buzz and the gang now at Al's Toy Barn have sneaked into the store to find Woody. They split up into different sections and Buzz finds himself in the part of the store where all the Buzz Lightyears are, and we get a great shot and is John Lasseter's favorite shot in the movie.

After a fight with another Buzz, the other toys (Rex, Slinky, Hamm, and Mr. Potato Head) find themselves in the Barbie aisle. Barbies were going to me in the first movie but Mattel thought the movie would bomb, but since that movie didn't they let them use Barbie in this film.

Also, Jurassic Park reference.
After meeting with the Barbie who can take them to Al himself we cut back to the two Buzzes where Buzz gets locked up in an empty Buzz box and the rest of the toys end up accidentally taking the wrong Buzz with them.

The line the Barbie says about Buzz toys not meeting enough demand in 1995 is actually true.
We then go back to the Al's penthouse where Woody is about to leave to go back to Andy's, but then Stinky Pete tells Woody to listen to Jessie's story before he leaves. This is, in my opinion, the first real Pixar sad scene and the song that goes along is really nice as well.

Making Woody feel bad, he decides to stay and go to Japan with them. Then we go back to Al's Toy Barn where the toys are searching for Woody in Al's office and we get a funny scene with the Rockem Sockem Robots and a funny stick note I found that reads: "Steam clean big chicken".

Then the original Buzz escapes and uses a bunch of boxes to open the automatic door, and one of them was a toy version of Zurg. Then the fake Buzz and the toy gang go through the elevator shaft to try to see where Woody is there and "flies" using the top of the elevator. Back in the apartment we get a nice, funny scene with Woody which is really well animated.

Woody and the Roundup Gang are having fun until fake Buzz and Andy's toys brake into the apartment and start attacking the Roundup Gang.

And just as it looks like things couldn't get any weirder, Andy's Buzz comes in and the toys are confused on who the real Buzz is.

After realizing who is the real Buzz, Andy's toys tell him to come back and Woody tells them that he wants to stay. Buzz then says that he is toy like Woody told him the first movie.

Buzz, Slinky, Rex, Hamm, and Potato Head leave and Woody thinks about what will happen if he does go to Japan and realizes that he needs to be with his friends and wants to see Andy grow up. Woody asks the Roundup Gang to come with him and it turns out that Stinky Pete is evil and he was the one who turns on the television and he has been masterminding Woody to stay with them the entire time.

The two Buzzes and the rest of Andy's toys try to find another way but are interrupted by the toy version of Zurg and the new Buzz and Zurg get in a fight and then it is revealed that Zurg is Buzz's father in an obvious Star Wars reference.

After they get out of the apartment it looks like it is too late and Woody is going to the airport, but then they decide to use the Pizza Planet truck (which isn't hard to find in this movie) to chase after Al and in there they find the aliens who were put in their after seeing how popular they were, specifically in Japan (which is kind of ironic).

The toys drive the truck and the aliens almost fly out, but Mr. Potato Head saves them which makes them "eternally grateful".

Once they get to the airport they ride the bag transport and then start trying to find Woody, Buzz finds him but gets punched in the face by Stinky Pete. The rest of the toys come to the rescue and give Stinky Pete to a girl who draws on her toys. Then the toys save Bullseye and Woody but Jessie doesn't escape on time and gets put on the plane. Woody saves her, but then gets the door shut on them similar to how the match blew out in the first movie.

Woody and Jessie end up getting off after all and they all go back to Andy's house before he got home.

Then they all are back home safely and Wheezy sings a big band version of "You've Got a Friend in Me". Then the movie wraps up with the credits and some really funny outtakes.

So as you can see, Pixar put a lot of effort and hard work into making this movie and I hope you enjoyed my analysis on the film. These are really hard and yet super fun to do and I hope you liked it! If you have any thoughts on this post or extra things about Toy Story 2, then go to the comments below or tweet me at @ALittleLampBlog on Twitter and I'll see you next time!

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