July 17, 2016

Pixar Review: 'The Blue Umbrella'

Hi everybody! Time to review another Pixar short and this time we have the short film that premiered with Monsters University, The Blue Umbrella. Is the short as nice as being protected by an umbrella or is as bad as a thunder storm? Let's review the short to find out!

This short is about a blue umbrella on one rainy night and he ends up meeting a red umbrella and falls in love. So the blue umbrella plans to fellow the red umbrella and... do something.

So as you can guess the plot of this definitely not the strongest thing about this short, but it isn't that bad since it is a short and it doesn't really need a fantastic plot. But still, this it is pretty unclear of what the umbrella wanted to do when he caught with the girl red umbrella. Also, the basic plot is similar to other plots including Paperman which Walt Disney Animation Studios showed in front of Wreck-It Ralph the previous year. So, in conclusion, the plot is definitely the weakest thing about the short, but it is good enough for a short.

Because Pixar shorts always try to do new things with the animation, this shorts tries to do something different too. So this short tries to be realistic but adding cartoony elements, such as faces and stuff like that. So did they do a good job with the animation and do a good job mixes the two styles?

Definitely. Some of you might remember my The Good Dinosaur review and I said that they didn't do that good as a good mixing realistic and a cartoon style because of them not balancing the two styles that well. Well, this short does it way better and makes me wish that they would have done something like that with that film. They take the inanimate objects and take things like screws for eyes or give them smiley faces, both work really well. So, in short, like how the story was the weakest thing about the short, the animation is the strongest.

Pixar Legacy:
Now it's time to see if this short is going to have a legacy in Pixar history, and for this short it is kind of a mixed bag. Since it is pretty recent we're not quite sure, but this is what I think if it will have a legacy or not as of now. So, like I said, this short steals quite a bit of elements from other shorts and with the inanimate objects coming to life being done multiple times previously in Pixar's history, including in some of their shorts. So I don't think people will remember the short right away and it might take some time to remember. So, I don't think it will have a Pixar legacy, but who knows maybe it will someday. But does that mean it is a bad short?

Final Thoughts:
Though The Blue Umbrella might have it's flaws, it makes up for it with nice animation. It isn't anything special, but it is definitely decent for what it is.

Final Rating: 8/10

What do you think of The Blue Umbrella? Leave your responses in the comments below and I'll see you soon!

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