June 10, 2016

Post 231: 'Finding Dory' World Premiere Recap

Finding Dory is getting closer and closer with it coming out in less then 10 days until it officially premieres and there is so many stories about the movie recently from the last trailer, the 'Dory After Dark' event, and a Google 360 interview. But the story decided to cover is the world premiere of the movie!

There isn't that much to talk about when talking about a premiere other then the fact that the movie is officially done and that there are some new interviews about the movie, so here is just a completion of some the interviews (done by Pixar Post) and some pictures taken during the premiere.


I can not wait to finally see the finished movie! You can expect a review of the movie coming out sometime after the movie and until then see you soon!
What do you think of the premiere of Finding Dory? Leave your responses in the comments below.

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