June 26, 2016

Pixar Review: 'Finding Dory'

Hi everybody! Time for another Pixar Review! It's time to tackle Pixar's latest feature film which takes us back to the depths of the ocean of Finding Nemo and this time focusing on everyone's favorite blue tang Dory with the 2016 release, Finding Dory. Is it as good as the original or is this movie as pleasant as drowning? Let's review!

June 10, 2016

Post 231: 'Finding Dory' World Premiere Recap

Finding Dory is getting closer and closer with it coming out in less then 10 days until it officially premieres and there is so many stories about the movie recently from the last trailer, the 'Dory After Dark' event, and a Google 360 interview. But the story decided to cover is the world premiere of the movie!

June 5, 2016

June 2016 Update

Hi everybody! Time for another blog update! It's almost summer vacation for me and I have many posts planned, but here are all of the ones I have planned for June. I plan on releasing these once I'm done finishing up some school work. Also, some of these posts might be pushed back.
  • Pixar Review: The Blue Umbrella - I look at the beautiful looking 2013 short that was shown in front of Monsters University.
  • The Pixar Points #29: A Lookback on Disney Infinity - With the recent news of the popular series ending, I want to show my thoughts on the game series with everything I loved and didn't like about the games.
  • Pixar Review: Lava - Another amazing looking short that shows the love story of volcanoes and was shown in front of Inside Out
  • The Pixar Points #30: A Closer Look at Toy Story 2 - Another edition of the posts where I analyze the entire movie from beginning to end, this time with Pixar's first sequel. Also, I noticed that the movie screenshots where acting goofy on the Toy Story and A Bug's Life editions, so I'll try to fix that with this one.
  • You can also expect coverage of some news stories coming out soon.
See you later!