May 1, 2016

The Pixar Points #27: The Top 5 Saddest Pixar Moments

WARNING: This post will contain spoilers for some of the Pixar movies.

Hi everybody! Time for another edition of The Pixar Points! Today, I'm going to give you my first list post, I've been meaning to do these kinds of posts for a while and now I finally am!

This top list is going to be about the sad moments of Pixar, and there is lots of them. But which of these are the saddest for me? Let's find out!

#5. Sulley Saying Goodbye to Boo - Monsters, Inc. (2001)
For the number 5 spot I'm giving it to the scene near the end of 2001's Monsters, Inc. where Sulley says goodbye to Boo. It is a super touching scene and was one of the earlier times when a Pixar really had a moving scene, it wasn't the first very moving scene that Pixar did (we will get to that one later) but it definitely is touching. It isn't as touching as it used to for me but when Boo says "Kitty?" at the end of the scene is still gets a tear out of me sometimes.

#4. The Opening - Finding Nemo (2003)
For number 4 I'm going with the opening scene of Finding Nemo, which is definitely one of my top 3 favorite Pixar movies but oddly enough it isn't the saddest Pixar movie for me, but it definitely has a very dramatic beginning and one that might relate to people who get scared or sad about something or someone taking away everything you love. It also sets up why Marlin is overprotective parent and why he is a good character for me. It isn't a touching for me anymore, but it is still a great scene.

#3. Married Life - Up (2009)
This is one of the most well known sad Pixar moments and is practically one of the most iconic movie scenes in recent years because of it being so powerful. I totally agree with that, it shows basically an entire life with mostly no dialogue. It not only a moving scenes but it is a really good scene in general. Some people might say that they would be fine with it just ending there and it being a short. So, I don't really have to explain why but this is a great and touching scene.

#2. When She Loved Me - Toy Story 2 (1999)
This is, in my opinion, the first sad Pixar moment, though Toy Story is a revolutionary and good movie, it didn't really have a tear jerking moment aside from when Woody is talking to Buzz when he is in a crate. A Bug's Life didn't even really have a scene worth crying, for me at least. So this is the first time Pixar really made an audience cry, and this is a really great scene. It still makes me tear a little each time I watch it. But what could beat the grandfather of all Pixar sad moments? Let's find out after this honorable mention...

Honorable Mention - Toy Story 3 (2010)
I can't talk about sad Pixar moments without talking about Toy Story 3 which became really well known for its sad moments. There are two well known sad scenes in the movie: One is the toys almost dying in a fire which is a sad and touching scene and would have gotten a number six spot, but the second one is when Andy gives away his toys and plays with Bonnie, which I just find weird, I don't find it as a bad scene but I don't really find it moving at all. But the most moving scene in the movie for me is when Big Baby says "mama" which still gets me teary eyed. But anyways, time for the saddest Pixar moment, in my opinion.

#1. WALL-E Forgets - WALL-E (2008)
Why is this the saddest Pixar moment for me? It is because this is practically combines all of what made the previous ones so good and that after everything that happened in the movie you feel sad and you feel for when you realize what has happened, it does have a happy ending but it really is sad (for me at least) when you think WALL-E might not remember again. So that's why I think this is one of the saddest moments in film and in my opinion the saddest Pixar moment.

So what are your saddest Pixar moments? Leave them in the comments below and I'll see you soon!

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