April 8, 2016

Post 227: 'Piper' - Pixar's Next Short Film

Concept art by Jason Dreamer
Hi everybody! Pixar short films are a tradition for Pixar, all of there films have had a short in front of the movie. Finding Dory's short has been unknown, but now we know. So it is time to meet Piper.

Piper is a short directed by longtime Pixarian, Alan Barillaro who has worked on several other Pixar movies with Andrew Stanton including A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, and WALL-E.

This is what Alan had to say about he short:
“To work with Andrew so closely over the years, it means a lot to me that I’m in front of his film,”

“Seeing the way these sandpipers react to waves and run, I always felt, ‘Gosh, that’s a film, that’s a character, it’s always fun to show a world we’re familiar with but from a different perspective. We’ve all been to the beach, but have we ever viewed water from just an inch off the sand? That could be very fearful from a bird’s perspective."

“It’s the kid at the playground feeling, you fall down and you feel so small, but you look and see someone even smaller than you brush themselves off and tackle something, and learn from that in your own way. It was important to me to stay in the kid world and see the world from Piper’s eyes, and not be from the human perspective.”

To learn more about the short go to this link or this link for more information.

This is some really exciting news and I can't wait to learn more about the short and to see it in front of Finding Dory on June 17th.

What are your thoughts on the recently announced short? Leave your answers in the comments below and I'll see you next time!

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