April 29, 2016

Pixar Review: 'La Luna'

Hi everyone! Time for another Pixar review of a short! This time I'm talking about the short that premiered in 2011 and with Brave in 2012, La Luna!

This is a story about a boy with his father and his grandfather in the middle of the ocean because they have a job about cleaning up the moon for the different kinds of moons that you see at night.

This is a really creative and interesting plot. It does feel like a Pixar story, taking something that everyone is familiar with and making it something creative. The story with the grandpa and father seems a bit forced because I've seen this kind of story before but luckily it's not what I remember about the story of this short. So, this is a good story. Now what about that animation?

The Animation:
It shouldn't be a shock that Pixar's animation is good in this, but this is some of Pixar's best, it isn't anything new but it is really pretty looking. The character designs are a little weird looking at some points, but it is mostly good especially when you some great wide shots. There isn't anything left to say but that this is some beautiful animation by Pixar.

Pixar Legacy:
Though I do like this short, it doesn't really think it will have a Pixar legacy in the future, mostly because it kind of does get forgettable. That is probably my biggest problem with the short, it is a bit too short and people could forgotten easily. It would probably take someone reminding them to remember it. So, its kind of a short answer (no pun intended) but it is kind of forgettable, so do I hate this short?

Final Thoughts:
I do like this short, but is it my favorite Pixar short? No. But this is a good short, from a creative idea to the greatly crafted animation. It does have some flaws, but since it is short it doesn't need to be super complex, though it might be a bit too short. But this is a good short overall.

Final Rating: 8/10

What are your thoughts of the short? Leave your responses in the comments below!

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