April 3, 2016

April 2016 Update

Hi everybody! Time for another blog update and we have lots to update you on so here we go!
  • First off, you probably saw that the blog is now on Twitter and I highly recommend you following it if you want extra news stories via retweets, updates on the blog, and other Pixar goodness.
  • And now here's the posts I'm working on:
  • Pixar Points #27: The Top 5 Saddest Pixar Moments - My first top list which will be all about Pixar's saddest moments, in my opinion.
  • Pixar Review: La Luna - My review on the beautiful short that premiered before Brave, La Luna!
  • Pixar Points #28: A Pixar Fan's Thoughts on 'Zootopia' - After seeing the recently released Zootopia, I really wanted to talk about it so Im really excited about this post.
  • Pixar Review: Legend of Mor'du - My thoughts on the direct-to-video short which claims on giving the backstory to one of Pixar's most mysterious characters.
  • Finally, the post I'm most hyped for that I'm going to have my first interview on the site featuring Dan the Pixar Fan! You can check out his blog here: http://www.danthepixarfan.com/
And those are the posts I'm going to be working on this month and plan on releasing in April too and until then see you next time!

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