March 29, 2016

Post 226: New 'Finding Dory' Characters

Hi everybody! It's time for another news story and this time its time to talk about the upcoming Finding Dory and the characters in the movie. We already know about new characters like Hank, Bailey, and Destiny but now its time to talk about some new characters!

So in this post we are going to talk about some new characters that will be in the movie, but first a quote from Andrew Stanton from a new interview about the new characters:

"The ocean is teeming with literally millions of species. People don’t want to feel like they just spent the movie in a pond, There are just certain species of animals or fish that are fun to watch in real life and you can’t help but to throw a character on them. If they can find a home in Dory’s story, great. It’s a win-win."

The first characters we are going to talk about are some cute baby otters which we don't really know much about, but we hopefully will sometime before the movie's release, so check in to this blog to find out more about them!

Then we have a character named Becky the Loon and will be like the seagulls were in the first film. Will Becky be a friend or foe we will have to wait to find out.

Finally, we have two sea lions named Rudder and Fluke that live in the institute that Dory gets put in. They are voiced by comedians Idris Elda and Dominic West. These characters seem very promising to me.

If you want a look at the other characters both new and old that will play somewhat of an important part of the movie and see HD pictures of these characters from the movie you can go here:

What do you think of these characters? Leave them in the comments below and I'll see you next time!

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