March 1, 2016

March 2016 Update

Hi everybody! Time to update you on the posts I'm working on this month! As you probably noticed I've been posting on a much faster rate recently. I'm not promising that this will stay, but expect more posts coming out more usually. Anyways, here are my plans for posts this month:
  • The Pixar Points #25: A Pixar Fan's Thoughts on Tomorrowland - My thoughts on Brad Bird's 2015 live-action movie known as Tomorrowland.
  • Pixar Reviews: George & A.J. - I get back to reviewing Pixar shorts with the strange, yet amusing short, George & A.J.
  • The Pixar Points #26: Are Pixar's Trailers Needed? - Somewhat of a continuing of my post about teasers but this time talking about the actual trailers.
  • Pixar Reviews: Day & Night - I review the 2010 short that was released with Toy Story 3 which mixes two animation styles into one, Day & Night.
  • Post 123: Finding Dory's First Trailer - When the first Finding Dory trailer releases TOMMOROW you can definitely expect a recap of it on this blog.
  • You can also expect more news story recaps throughout the month.
This is a really exciting month for the blog and I hope you will you join us and until the, see you soon!

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