March 20, 2016

Pixar Reviews: 'George & A.J.'

Hi everybody! I've haven't reviewed Pixar's shorts in a while but its time to get back on track and hopefully review them all (or at least most of them) before the release of Finding Dory. So the first short I'm reviewing after this hiatus is an interesting short, I'll get to that later. But that short in question is the 2009 short George & A.J.

The Plot:
This short is a comedic retelling of Up which stars the retirement workers George and A.J. which after their experience with Carl turns their world upside down with other elderly people doing crazy stunts with their homes.

So I said that this is a interesting short and that's because this short was meant for iTunes, then it was released on Facebook, then on YouTube (which you can watch here), and then was released on the second volume of the Pixar Shorts Collection. The only reason you have probably heard of this short is because of YouTube and the Pixar Shorts Collection, Volume 2. So this isn't really ever meant to be one of there more higher quality shorts (in fact they poke fun of that in the really funny commentary track on the Pixar Shorts 2). But I don't really think it is really fair to bash on this. Even though I feel like this short is more of a big joke, since many of the things in this short don't connect with the film, then a actual short. But there I feel like this is supposed to not be really outstanding. Even on its own it not that bad, just mediocre. But as a online video that's not meant to be taken seriously it's still pretty meh.

The Animation:
This is another thing that's hard to judge is the animation in this. This short is done in a style of storyboards, but in color. They are nicely drawn and have nice vibrate colors, but it is still limited and they sometimes use cheap CGI effects, this can be excused because of the cheap budget or if they were trying to do a limited style as a element of humor. And I dot know what it is but I think its actually good, the style reminds me of the Peanuts/Charlie Brown style which is charming to me and Josh Cooley is a really talented man and can probably can do better animation, but his style is really charming for me.

The Pixar Legacy:
So I've decided to continue the Pixar Legacy section I my short reviews instead of doing characters like in the movie reviews, since there isn't much to talk about in characters in the shorts, anyways here's my thoughts if this short can have a legacy in Pixar history.

It was pretty though to see if this short will have a legacy, the only reason why I think it could ever be remembered is that this was the first online Pixar projects in entirely for free. But then I don't think we will be this be remembered as a Pixar icon. It isn't a bad short but it isn't outstanding either, the only possible way that people might remember the short is because of the fact that it was released online.

Final Thoughts:
Like I said, this isn't a bad short but it isn't anything great, its a bit unclear with what its trying to be but it is quite funny. I actually find the commentary funnier than the actual short, even with that also being one big joke. The big thing that saves this short from being bad is that it is pretty short. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my first short film review ad I'll see you next time!

Final Rating: 6/10

What do you think of George & A.J.?

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