March 2, 2016

Post 223: First Full-Length 'Finding Dory' Trailer is Totally Sick!

Hi everybody! In November of last year we got our first look at Finding Dory and now we have our first trailer and gives us some of the plot and a look at some new characters!

In this somewhat short trailer we got tons of information! Here were some of the highlights of the trailer for me:
-Like the first movie, the place where the plot begins is at a field trip, of course hosted by Mr. Ray, and I really hope he sings in the movie.
-We get to see Dory's family and we hear the heart wrenching lines, "We'll never forget you" and then a young Dory saying, "What if I forget you?" The feels!
-We see the return of the turtles with some good lines by Marlin and Crush.
We see many of the new characters with a look at Hank, Bailey, and Bailey and I can expect them to be breakout characters and be great characters and I can't wait to see how they interact!
There were more great moments in this trailer but I want you to see the trailer for yourself to see why I'm so excited to see this movie. Also, if you liked this trailer the folks at Pixar Post are doing a whole live stream about the trailer, go to there site for more details and to read their thoughts on the trailer:
I hope you enjoyed this post and the new trailer, sorry that this one wasn't as polished as my other ones, but I didn't know how to describe this trailer in words because there is so much going on in this trailer that it was hard to pick out the most important and best parts of it. But you can expect much more higher quality posts coming soon and I'll see you then!
What did you think of the newest Finding Dory trailer?

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