March 26, 2016

Pixar Review: 'Day and Night'

Hi everyone! Time for another short review and this time we are looking at the 2010 short that premiered with Toy Story 3, Day and Night!
The Plot:
So the plot of this short is... well, it's hard to explain. The basic story is that two characters that represent day and night meet and they fight to see who is better.

The best thing about this short is that this is one of Pixar's most abstract thing they ever done. The story is simple but how they represent it is incredible. The characters are kind of like when brothers or friends fight so they compete to see who is better. They are plenty of fun jokes and an actually sweet ending. If Teddy Newton is still going to make a movie at Pixar I hope that it is good as this.

The Animation:
The reason that I call this an abstract piece of work is mostly thanks to the great animation. This is one the rare times that Pixar has done anything with the hand drawn style and this makes me wish that they would use it more. It nicely blends both CG with paper. I didn't see this short in 3D, but this makes me wish that I had. It is a really clever way of telling the story and one of the reasons this short is so great.

The Pixar Legacy:
It is pretty hard to say if this will go down as one of Pixar more memorable works, but I say that it will. This might just me being nice because I love this short, but I do have my reasons. One of it being that this has really iconic potential. This is because this is a really clever way to show day and night and I can see many people recognizing the characters in the future. My other reason is the great animation style, which I already said why it is good.

Final Thoughts:
It is pretty obvious that I love this short. It surprised just how much I loved this short, I knew I liked the short but not this much. I cant name anything I hate about it aside from it being kind of rushed at some points, so it being longer definitely would have helped. There isn't really anything left to any but that this is one of Pixar's best pieces of work ever.

Final Rating: 10/10

What are your thoughts on Day and Night?

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