February 29, 2016

Post 222: 'Inside Out' Wins Best Animated Picture & Other Pixar Events at The Oscars

Yesterday I released the 24th post of The Pixar Points where I talked about Pixar a this years Oscars, which you can read right here. Pixar was up for three awards last night but they only took home one, but to the shock of no one it was obvious that they would win in this category, but they deserve it.

So the first thing related to Pixar that happened at the Oscars is that the crew of Inside Out were posting on Twitter and Instagram throughout the night of them at the Oscars, here are some of the highlights:


Another cool Pixar thing that happened was on stage when Buzz and Woody appeared animated on stage to present best animated feature, this is actually the third time they have been on stage at the Oscars, here are the other two times:


Finally, the biggest thing that happened at the Oscars was Inside Out winning Best Animated Picture with both Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera accepting the award. Also, Pete Docter put a hidden message in his "thank yous" where he said that he is getting a dog for is family.

To see Pete and Jonas' speech (and Woody and Buzz's appearance) go to this link:

To read more about Pixar and the Oscars this year, go to this article:

I think its safe to say that this was a great year for Pixar at the Oscars this year and hopefully this isn't the last time we see picture at the Academy Awards. I guess we'll just have to just wait to see, and I'll see you soon!

What do you think of the Pixar events at the 88th Academy Awards?

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