February 28, 2016

Post 221: News Quickie: First Full 'Finding Dory' to Be Released March 2nd

Hi everybody! Time for another News QuickieFinding Dory is a 2016 sequel to the '03 classic Finding Nemo which will release this Summer. We got a teaser near the end of last year to be seen with The Good Dinosaur. Pixar fans have been waiting for the first full teaser to be released and now there is.
So mark your calendars! This Wednesday, March 2nd will see the release of the Finding Dory trailer which will premiere on The Ellen Show (and most likely the Ellen Show YouTube). Ellen's show airs at 4p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) on Channel 8 for me, but you can see where the show airs for you wherever you live. The trailer will most likely air on YouTube and Ellen's EllenTube, because  most of the time when stuff premieres on The Ellen Show it is released on YouTube and EllenTube first. So get ready for one of the most looked forward to trailers (for Pixar fans at least) everywhere because the trailer is coming! Until then, see you soon!
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What do you think of a Finding Dory trailer coming really soon?

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