February 29, 2016

Post 222: 'Inside Out' Wins Best Animated Picture & Other Pixar Events at The Oscars

Yesterday I released the 24th post of The Pixar Points where I talked about Pixar a this years Oscars, which you can read right here. Pixar was up for three awards last night but they only took home one, but to the shock of no one it was obvious that they would win in this category, but they deserve it.

February 28, 2016

The Pixar Points #24: Should Have 'Inside Out' Been Nominated for Best Picture?

Hi everybody! Time for another Pixar Points! The "biggest night for movies", The Oscars are tonight (at 7p.m. for Eastern and 4p.m. for Pacific) and Pixar is up a couple of awards:
  • Sanjay's Super Team for Best Animated Short
  • Inside Out for Original Screenplay
  • Inside Out for Best Animated Picture
But there is one award that some people think Pixar should have been nominated and could have won: Inside Out for Best Picture.

Post 221: News Quickie: First Full 'Finding Dory' to Be Released March 2nd

Hi everybody! Time for another News QuickieFinding Dory is a 2016 sequel to the '03 classic Finding Nemo which will release this Summer. We got a teaser near the end of last year to be seen with The Good Dinosaur. Pixar fans have been waiting for the first full teaser to be released and now there is.
So mark your calendars! This Wednesday, March 2nd will see the release of the Finding Dory trailer which will premiere on The Ellen Show (and most likely the Ellen Show YouTube). Ellen's show airs at 4p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) on Channel 8 for me, but you can see where the show airs for you wherever you live. The trailer will most likely air on YouTube and Ellen's EllenTube, because  most of the time when stuff premieres on The Ellen Show it is released on YouTube and EllenTube first. So get ready for one of the most looked forward to trailers (for Pixar fans at least) everywhere because the trailer is coming! Until then, see you soon!
Original article:
What do you think of a Finding Dory trailer coming really soon?

Post 220: Brad Bird Confirmed to Direct 'The Incredibles 2'

Hi everyone! Time to talk more about the extremely hyped The Incredibles 2 which is currently set for a release on June 21st, 2019. You will be glad to know that we officially have the movie's director, Brad Bird.

February 6, 2016

Pixar Review: 'The Good Dinosaur'

Hi everyone! I think it is about time to talk about Pixar's 2nd movie of 2015 and second film overall. This movie is going down recently as "Pixar's first box office flop", does it deserve that? Let's find out!

The Plot:
This movie is about a constantly worried dinosaur named Arlo, when something happens to his family he needs to team up with a young human boy named Spot to get back home.

I guess I should talk about the elephant in the room when talking about this movie, if you don't know what happened let me explain. So, Bob Peterson (one of Pixar's biggest story people and voice actors) was going to direct the movie but then the story wasn't working, thus not making Bob not the director anymore. For a long time the movie didn't have a director until Pete Sohn (director of the short film Partly Cloudy) stepped in for the director and this is his director debut. Did the story suffer from this? The last Pixar movie this happened to was Brave and I still think the story suffered because of this. But did this movie's story suffer? Lets find out.

February 2016 Update

Hi everybody! Here is a small little update I about what I have planned this month.
Pixar Review: The Good Dinosaur - I'm finally going to review Pixar's 16th movie, did I think it was good? You'll have to wait to find out.
The Pixar Points #24: Should Have Inside Out Have Been Nominated for Best Picture? - I will talk about the lack of Inside Out on the Oscar's Best Picture list.
I will also talk about some of the news stories coming out.
Anyways, see you soon!