January 3, 2016

Post 219: News Quickie: New 'Finding Dory' Concept Art Shows Two New Characters

Hi everybody! Welcome back to A Little Lamp! The blog is back and better than ever and that means more news, reviews, and opinion pieces! I have big things planned for this blog this year, but let's start small with a News Quickie. Also, I'm not going to talk about the news stories that happened while I was gone, since there is too much, but you can look at those stories at other great Pixar blogs. Anyways, let's talk about Finding Dory!

Finding Dory is the movie I'm most looing forward to this year and you can expect lots of posts about the film this year as we get closer and closer to the film release. While I was gone Pixar and Disney released the teaser for the film while you can look at here:

Recently, we have gotten new concept art on two of the newest characters, Bailey, the beluga whale and Destiny, the whale shark. Bailey is voiced by Ty Burell and Destiny is voiced by Kaitlin Olson, it is said that in the film the two get on each other's nerves a lot and share playful banner. They also play an important part of the story as the two try to help Dory find their parents.
I think these two can be really great characters that could be as beloved as the side characters in the original Finding Nemo that I really love.
Article found at:

I hope you enjoyed your first news story of the year. I plan on doing a lot more posts than in 2015, so until next time, see you soon!

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