October 25, 2015

UPDATE: See you in 2016!

Hi everybody! You are probaly wondering, where have I been?!? I've actually have just been relaxing.

I recently have wondered if I should still blog or not, on the one hand I haven't had the energy to blog recently, but on the other hand I like blogging and I've been blogging since 2012!

And now I'm returning to blogging! ...in 2016. I also have cancelled Inside Out Month and all the post I've had planned except the Lava review. I will also not post news posts about the recent 2015 news, because I missed way too much.

Don't worry, when I come back there will be enough stuff to talk about when I come back, including Pixar's 16th movie, The Good Dinosaur and getting ready for the relase of Finding Dory, so see you in 2016 everyone and have a great rest of 2015!