June 18, 2015

The Pixar Points #23: A Look at Pixar's Teasers

Hi everybody! On the last Pixar Points I talked about their posters are how great a job Pixar does. Now we are going to talk about their Pixar teaser trailers Pixar makes.

If you don't know what a teaser is it is basically a short trailer that most of the time shows none of the actual movie and gives people an idea of the feel of the movie. Pixar has basically been doing the type of teaser I described ever since A Bug's Life.

I love Pixar's teaser trailers, they do such a great job of capturing the feeling they get when they well watch the movie. There have been tons of great ones, my personal favorite teaser currently is the WALL-E one. The reason I love the WALL-E teaser is that it shows a bit of backstory to understand better how Pixar movies are made for people who might be wondering.

I can't think of any bad Pixar teasers, even the weaker ones still have something to enjoy about them! Sorry, this Pixar Point is kind of short but there isn't that much to talk about other then that they are, in my opinion, the master of teaser trailers. See you soon!

What do you think of Pixar's teasers?

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