May 2, 2015

Post 218: New French Trailer for 'Inside Out' Gets Released

Hi everybody! On the last news story we talked about Pixar's France-based film, Ratatouille, now France has given us a new trailer for Inside Out.

While most of the previous trailers showed the mood of the movie and most of the inside world of the movie, this one focuses more on Riley's personal life and her school.

Something Pixar Post noticed was some of the classmates wearing some easter eggs including Sid's shirt only in a different color and a student with a shirt made out of Toy Story characters, you can see that in their post, which I've included later in this post.

We also didn't see just those two kids we also saw Riley's entire class each with their own unique look to them.

News found here:

Overall, this is a great trailer, it is hard to make out if you don't speak French, like me but I think this is going to be a great movie. Just think we only have to wait less then two months until the movie. See you soon!

What do you think of Inside Out's new French trailer?

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