May 2, 2015

Post 217: Quickie: New Pixar Concert Show: 'Ratatouille in Concert'

Hi everybody! Welcome to another News QuickieRatatouille is a Pixar film loved by many, even some people saying it is their favorite Pixar movie. One of the best parts in the movie is the score and now their is a concert show coming that may get your attention.

Introducing, Ratatouille in Concert a all-new show coming to a city near you. The show will have HD clips of the movie being shown during a live performance of the entire soundtrack of Ratatouille.

The show will make its debut in Paris, France which is the perfect place because it is the main setting in the movie. The tour will start in October 2015, and to get people excited a French trailer has been released.

News found here:

This definitely sounds interesting, I will be curious to see how this is like. I personally never saw the Pixar in Concert tour that they did, so I might what to see this. Anyways, see you soon!

What do you think of Ratatouille in Concert?

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