April 11, 2015

Pixar Review: 'Partly Cloudly'

File:Partly Cloudy poster.jpgHi everybody! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, I just wanted a little break. But, I am back with tons of posts in the works! But first, I want to say I'm adding more of my opinions in my reviews from now on, including where I talk about the plot. Anyways, let's go up into the clouds with the Pixar short Partly Cloudy!

Everyone says babies come from storks, but where do the storks get the babies. The answer lies in the sky, where clouds people sculpt babies with clouds and brings them to life. One cloud named Gus often makes the "dangerous" baby animals such as, crocodiles, rams, and more. Gus' stork friend named Peck has to deliver them and often gets hurt by the baby animals. But Peck starts to wonder if he should go to the cloud people that make more "friendly" babies.

This plot, is a great story when you first read it you think how are they going to do it in a short with no dialogue but, like with the first act of WALL-E, works perfectly. The plot is also really well handled by Peter Sohn, who will soon direct The Good Dinosaur coming this November.

The Pixar Legacy:
I don't really think the short has a Pixar legacy, but I do admire the hard done on the project. For example, Pixar artists didn't know at first how to design Gus, but at the end they decided to make him more "cartoony".

But they is noting that ground-breaking with the short. There isn't anything that I personally noticed that is new to Pixar or animation. But, does that mean the short is bad?

Final Thoughts:
I think this is a good short, it isn't really my favorite but it is still an enjoyable short. It has good animation and a great way to tell a story without dialogue, and the characters are likeable.

The only problem I have with the short is that I don't think there is that much background. Personally, I think we should have learn more about these characters, but then again it is just a short. Anyways, what would I rate the short?

My Rating: 9/10

What do you think of Partly Cloudy?

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