April 12, 2015

Pixar Review: 'Dug's Special Mission'

Hi everybody! It is time for another Pixar review! When you first watched Up you most likely fell in love with a dog named Dug. Now the people who wanted more Dug now have this short which I am going to review: Dug's Special Mission!
Set before the scene where Carl and Russell meet Dug, it is Dug's birthday! But Alpha's gang think Dug will never help catch Kevin, the bird, so Alpha comes up with a idea to just give him a fake mission to distract Dug. But, every fake mission he tries doesn't work. Until Alpha says he is a bad dog, Dug runs away and then finds Carl and Russell.
This is a pretty good idea, people might have wondered what Dug was doing before he met Carl and Russell. Anyways, this is a good plot, read more to see if I think it works well in this short.

The Pixar Legacy:
Like most direct-to-video shorts, there isn't that much to talk about here. Aside from people working as hard as they can, I don't think this short has a Pixar legacy. But now it's time to talk about my thoughts on the short.

Final Thoughts:
I personally think this short is kind of weak, the story I think wasn't used to it's full potential and it doesn't really give any character development to any of the characters. But the short does have some good animation, and it does quickly show some of the parts of the sets that we might have not seen in the movie.

So overall, I don't really care about this short aside from the animation and sets. So you might be wondering what do I rate this short?

My Rating: 5/10

What do you think of Dug's Special Mission?

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