March 15, 2015

The Pixar Points #22: A Look at Pixar's Posters

Hi everybody! Pixar has done some great advertising in the past and some of the best advertising is found in their posters. They show the great adventure they will show it is a great way to get people interested in the movie. Today we will be looking at Pixar's posters over the years and to see all of the posters I will be looking at today go to this link.
(Also, for some movies I talk about all posters while others I only the original poster found on the link.)

-Toy Story's original poster showed us the characters and the computer animation that was new at the time. I think it is a pretty good poster overall.

-A Bug's Life's original poster shows us the cast of colorful bugs that we would soon get to meet in the movie. I also like the idea of the bugs peeking out of the leaf. It is a cute poster that could get people interested.

-Toy Story 2's original poster is not that great, but it is fun. It only shows Woody playing a practical joke on Buzz. Nothing that special, but it did showed people that Woody and Buzz were coming back.

-Monsters, Inc.'s posters are also not that good. All only show Mike and Sulley either just together or playing a practical joke on each other. These weren't that good posters, but the movie was still good.

-Finding Nemo's posters were great, with good ways to get people interested in the movie. My personal favorite poster is the one I included which shows basically all the characters from the movie expect Nemo himself. These were great posters to get people excited.

-The Incredibles' original poster was truly incredible, showing that the movie will have great action and also having a funny little Edna Mode joke. The poster was a great example of what would happen in the actual movie.

-Cars' posters were interesting, one was a attempt at being the Finding Nemo poster and other were teasing the look at the character design. They weren't that impressive, but still good.

-Ratatouille's original poster was good, but not that great. I think it kind of made people think it is about a rat wanting cheese, when that had nothing to do with anything. Overall, it's just okay.

-WALL-E's posters are beautiful, they the incredible places from the movie in the best way. There isn't that much to say other then they are beautiful.

-Up's original poster did a great job of showing the adventure from the movie. Even from the posters you couldn't help but get somewhat excited.

-Toy Story 3's original poster is great. It shows a great look at all your favorite toys and some new ones. Also, I love how they didn't even have to put the full title because all they need it the number 3 in the iconic Toy Story font and they will know what it is. Anyways, this was a great poster.

-Cars 2's posters have always been my least favorite posters (as of now). Most of it comes from advertising Lighting McQueen on most of the poster even tough he is barely in the movie. Anyways, they are okay posters.

-Brave's posters are okay, not that spectacular. They do look good, but I don't like that they have to add orange and blue as the main colors which is what most modern posters do. It is can of annoying, but it is not completely awful.

-Monsters University's posters are kind of a mixed bag, sometimes they do what the first movie did with its posters and others did what the Finding Nemo and Cars posters did for some of its posters. It is overall okay, they could be a bit better.

As you can see, Pixar does some of my favorite posters they are just the right thing to make me excited. Also, Inside Out's posters have been really good so far and make me excited for the movie. Anyways, I'll see you soon!

What do you think of Pixar's posters?

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