March 5, 2015

The Pixar Points #21: My Thoughts on 'Frozen'

Hi everybody! You have probably been hearing songs from a certain non-Pixar movie. I have always wanted to review this movie and now I get to, plus I haven't been doing one of these My Thoughts on... posts in a while so I think this is just the right movie to bring these kinds of the posts in this series. So, here we go my personal thoughts on Frozen. Because the cold never bothered me anyway.

Let's start with the story, it is actually pretty good. I won't spoil anything but I do like how they played with the "true love" thing that you see in many previous Disney movies. The animation is incredible and is just as good as Pixar which is easy to know why because of them both being Disney companies and John Lasseter working on the movie. Finally, the characters are done well the only I would like is to see a bit more of Elsa.

As you can see, Frozen is a good movie with things that you love about Pixar. So I think that Pixar fans will like this movie. If you are wondering about the music it is really good, even if you can get a bit annoyed over how much you have heard the songs. Anyways, if I would give this movie rating it would be 9/10.

As you can see, Walt Disney Animation Studios can make history with it being the highest grossing animated movie beating Toy Story 3. I also would like to hopefully get an era starting with Inside Out where Walt Disney Animation and Pixar Animation can make equally as good movies. See you soon!

What do you think of Frozen?

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