March 28, 2015

Post 215: Disney Hollywood Studios' 'Inside Out' Art Exhibit

Hi everybody! The Art of Inside Out might not be out yet, but we still have seen some concept art from the movie, Now we have probably the most we have of Inside Out concept art we will get until the Art of book comes out.

Disney Hollywood Studios is now displaying artwork from Inside Out that shows early designs and possibly some rejected characters. All of the artwork is creative and beautiful and I can't wait to see more artwork from the film.

I love seeing how characters involved throughout production of Inside Out. It shows several different styles that are each great to see. Some concept art makes me feel like that the plot was really different in the early drafts. This artwork defiantly belongs to be in the Art of Animation exhibit for its great art and I really can't wait to see for great artwork from marker sketches to digital paintings.
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I love seeing this artwork, it shows why Pixar is one of the most creative companies ever on the planet. I basically said every thing I wanted to so, see you soon!
What do you think about these pieces of artwork of Inside Out?

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