March 28, 2015

Post 214: 'Inside Out' - Headquarters Meets Studio Q

Hi everybody! On the last news story, we looked at Pete Docter mostly talking about the characters and voice actors. But know we are looking at Pete Docter going deeper into the meaning of adding personal connections in Pixar's films in this Studio Q interview.

The interview first starts by going into the beginnings of the project, but then soon becomes a look at Pixar's films connecting with people. The interview also talked about many things about the movie that we didn't know before like Riley's fear of Grandma's vacuum cleaner. There is lots of great things about the interview, but you should just watch the interview for yourself at the link where I found the news from.

News found here:

I think this is a inspiring interview, I knew that Pixar always wants you to connect with their movies but this makes me think about it more and I hate to sound like a broken record again but I am really looking forward to seeing the movie this Summer. See you soon!

What do you think of Pete Docter's Studio Q interview?

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