March 15, 2015

Post 211: Quickie: 'Inside Out' Gets Into the March Madness Sprit

Hi everybody! Time for another News Quickie! With Inside Out getting closer and closer we now are getting lots of more looks and news stories of the movie. Now we have another fun TV to celebrate the feelings of March Madness.
This TV spot, while only being 30 seconds, shows a lot of new footage. Including Joy's fun happy dance, Riley's hockey team, and Joy and Sadness speaking their thoughts on their new awards. There was tons of fun little glimpses that I can't wait to see how it fits together when the movie hits theatres this Summer.

News found here:

This TV spit shows lots of things, like I said I can not wait to watch the movie which looks totally awesome! See you soon!

What are your thoughts on this new Inside Out TV spot?

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