March 14, 2015

Post 210: Josh Cooley - Co-Director of 'Toy Story 4' & Director of 'Inside Out' Blu-ray Short

Hi everybody! Josh Cooley has been at Pixar for a while now and has done several things including voicing characters, directing the short George and A.J., and recently the head of story of Inside Out. Now Josh has now had great thing happen to him.

The first of two things that have recently been announced is that he has just finished a short for the Inside Out Blu-ray release. It is unknown what the short will be about, but it will probably be a fun short.

Image courtesy of Disney Screencaps

The other news is that Josh will co-direct Toy Story 4. I'm sure that he will add the right blend of humor to the project like what he has done before with previous Pixar projects. I'm really hoping I'm right and Toy Story 4 will be a nice story, also if you were reading the blog recently you know that the story will apparently be a romantic comedy.

News found here:!10/josh-cooley/

I think this is great news I loved what Josh Cooley has done for Pixar and I hope he does great things with these two projects. I can't wait to see them! See you soon!

What do you think of Josh Cooley's new Inside Out short and him being the Toy Story 4 co-director?

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