March 9, 2015

Post 208: 'Toy Story 4' - The Rom Com

Hi everybody! Toy Story 4 is set for June 2017 and now people are wondering what the story will be. Now an interview with Pixar's Jim Morris at the official Disney Latino blog to shed some light of the story of the movie.

Note that we translated the original interview with Google Translate, so it might not be 100 percent what he actually said. But anyways, the interview talked mostly what we knew about Inside Out for most of the interview, but then they asked about the fourth Toy Story movie and you probably didn't guess this is what is was going to say.

Image courtesy of Disney Screencaps
According to the interview, the story will not continue the story of the first three movies, but will instead by a romantic comedy. It is unknown who the two toys that will fall in love, but we will hopefully learn that soon. It was also said that it will not focus that much between the relationship of the children and toys.

News found here:

I still think the movie will be good, I agree continuing the story that wrap so perfectly in 2010 wouldn't really make sense. I think a romantic comedy will be a fun idea with toys and I wonder how it will be like when it hits movie theatres Summer 2017. See you soon!

What do you think of Toy Story 4 being a romantic comedy?

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