February 16, 2015

The Pixar Points #20: A Closer Look at 'A Bug's Life'

Hi everybody! A Bug's Life is probably Pixar's most forgotten movie. So, I'm going to breakdown the entire movie with cool details, easter eggs, and enjoying some awesome moments. Also, the time codes were from the 10th Anniversary Blu-ray of the movie and the screencaps are from Disney Screencaps. So, let's jump into the world of bugs! [WARNING: SPOILERS]

00:01:15- Something I enjoy about the movie is the way it opens zooming all the way until we get to a single plant.

00:01:31- This is one of my favorite gags in the movie, I hope we can see slap-stick like this in Inside Out.

00:02:33- You might have noticed that there is some great lighting in this movie, in my opinion it is some of Pixar's best.

00:04:02- The design of the queen ant is based off of her voice actor, Phyllis Diller and her hats.

00:04:50- This intro to Flik is one of the best ways to introduce your main character and showing what he will be like in this movie.

00:06:35- This scene involving the rock is one of my favorite scenes in the movie showing the relationship between Flik at Dot.

00:10:54- Hopper is one of my favorite Pixar villains with his awesome design, well-done animation, and great acting by Kevin Spacey.

00:13:57- Andrew Stanton (director of Finding Nemo and WALL-E) loves the fact that this grasshopper's name is Thumper and how they "stole" the name from another Disney movie and that this time the character is evil.

00:17:56- People at Pixar love that they made Flik a big geek as seen in this scene.

00:19:19- One of John Lasseter's favorite scenes in the movie is Flik flying off to the bug city.

00:20:38- Pixar's lucky charm is John Ratzenberger, and in this movie he plays P.T. Flea which he has said is one of his favorite characters to play.

00:21:29- Heimlich is one the funniest Pixar characters for me, Joe Ranft did such a great job. We will miss you, Joe.

00:26:23- Pizza, anyone? The Pizza Planet Truck makes its second appearance next to a trailer that will reappear a couple years later in Monsters, Inc.

00:26:26- John Lasseter (director of A Bug's Life) and the already mentioned Andrew Stanton play these two flies.

00:26:48- The famous CalArts A113 code also makes its cameo in this movie on a box in the entrance of bug city.

00:27:02- Bug city has all kinds of products you can see some of the Pixarians' kids' names and The Lion King on Broadway.

00:27:41- On top of the "bug bar" you can see a Mega Gulp from Pizza Planet that probably fell out of the truck we saw earlier.

00:29:26- Here you can see the first ever blood in a Pixar movie, long before Dory's nosebleed in Finding Nemo.

00:37:39- This children's play scene is not only funny, but it was mostly perfect from the first pass of the scene.

00:48:27- These shots are super cool, because of the way the camera moves throughout these shots.

00:49:13- Here another one of my favorite scenes: "Building the Bird". I just love how these characters interact with each other.

00:55:50- This scene with Hopper is another reason why he is such a great villain.

00:58:47- You can see Tuck and Roll making a heart after the awkward love talk.

00:59:17- The millipedes were the hardest characters in make in the movie, but they are barely in the movie.

00:59:26- If you look at the cookie box train you can see that it is Casey Jr. Cookies which is a shout out to one of Lasseter's movies, Dumbo. Also, the bakery is J. Grant which is a tribute to Joe Grant an animator that worked for Walt Disney and his early movies including Dumbo. Also, another fun thing is to look at the how much calories and fat are in the cookies, those are not healthy cookies.

01:02:43- In my opinion, these is the coolest shot of the movie. AWESOME!!

01:08:00- This is what I call the "aww..." moment of the movie (for me).

01:13:58- That's one pretty sky shot, I which I a bug too see that sky in real life.

01:14:41- This is called the "blowing out the match" moment in the movie. If you don't know the "blowing out the match" moment is a tribute to the scene in Toy Story where you think what is going to happen next, but then the movie get one step ahead of you.

01:17:28- When Flik stands up to Hopper, I just love how epic it is.

01:21:06- You can see even P.T. is rooting for the ant colony to take Hopper away.

01:21:26- The rain in this movie was hard for the people at Pixar and I can see why, it was 1998 anyways.

01:24:12- These yellow chicks are just so cute, but still deadly.

01:27:23- Butterfly Heimlich is one of the funniest things I will see in my entire life.

01:28:27- This is such a beautiful ending, but don't forget get there's also...


As you can see, A Bug's Life is a beautiful and funny movie that it truly an epic of miniature proportions. See you soon!

What are your favorite moments of A Bug's Life?

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