February 15, 2015

Post 205: 'Inside Out' - Brain Freeze

Hi everybody! We have all had that moment when you get a brain freeze, and now Pixar is adding a humorous take on the subject with this new Inside Out TV spot!

This TV spot as motioned takes your terrible brain freeze and makes it humorous with over-the-top animation and great reactions. Take a look!

We also get glimpses at the outside world, including Riley's family doing a big group hug like we saw the emotions doing in the teaser and this TV ad.

Also, when Riley gets the brain freeze we see Riley next to a red-haired girl who might be the rumored Meg character that was spotted on the movie's IMDb page. We will just have to wait and see if these is true.

News and screenshots from this link:

Overall, I really enjoy this TV ad. It shows some great happy moments along with humor brought to us by the brain freeze scene. I can't wait to see how this all comes to together at the end with the final movie coming out June 19th. See you soon!

What do you this of this TV spot? Also, when did you get a brain freeze in your life?

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