February 1, 2015

Post 203: 'Inside Out' Puppy Promos

Hi everybody! I want to mention before we get into today's news I want to say that from now on I will be creating original text for my news stories, and then a link to the site I got the news from. Anyways, today's news is about Pixar and puppies. What can go wrong with that combo?

Earlier today the Puppy Bowl aired and showed puppies doing cute stuff, anyways Inside Out did a partnership with the Puppy Bowl to show off sneak peeks of the movie. These including two main TV ads and two commercial bumpers that don't really show anything. Watch the collection of the sneak peeks at this link.

Let's look at the two "main" ones that were released. First, there is the one made more for the puppy Bowl which shows the emotions reacting to clips of the game. I personally love these clips of the emotions including my favorites from Sadness and Disgust. We don't know yet if these reactions will be in the movie (just without the Puppy Bowl), but these are still great clips either way.
The other ad is more of a TV spot that can be used for more then Animal Planet. The ad is a shorter version of the teaser, but we do have new animation for Anger and Disgust showing Anger mad at someone and Disgust being herself when a piece of broccoli is stuck in her teeth. This is some great toolkit animation that we hope to see more of soon.

Also, at the official Inside Out headquarters Twitter the emotions will be live twitting their thoughts on the actual big game (The Super Bowl) here. We will keep you posted on that as well if there is anything new from the live tweet.

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I really love these TV ads that will hopefully get people more interested in the final product that will be released June 19th. See you soon!

What do you think of these ads?

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