February 28, 2015

Pixar Review: 'Your Friend, the Rat'

Hi everybody! Rats are easily hated by many people, but luckily there is a short that will now help rats be liked by people, Your Friend, the Rat.

Remy tries to make mankind like rats by telling them the history of man and rat and also that rats can be cool. Also, singing why people and rats should be friends.

The Pixar Legacy:
Like most Pixar direct-to-video shorts there isn't that much legacy to be found not including the people of Pixar working as hard as they can. But for this one I will give it a Pixar legacy title. Because of having hand-drawn animation. Hand-drawn animation isn't used that much anymore outside out television shows. So having Pixar have hand-drawn is really awesome. With that, I say this short has a Pixar legacy. But does it deserve it?

Final Thoughts:
I say that Pixar did a great job on this short. Adding hand-drawn animation was a great idea, and it has a really nice style. You might think it is going to be boring with the long running time, but it is entertaining. If Pixar ever did a hand-drawn animated movie I'll love to see it in this art style (this or the style in Day and Night which I will review sometime soon). Anyways, what do I rate this short?

My Rating: 9/10

What do you think of Your Friend, the Rat?

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