February 1, 2015

'A Little Lamp' February 2015 Sneak Peek

Hi everybody! Last month I didn't get to finishing some posts meant to be released for January, so I will post those soon with a late February release. Anyways, there is a look at upcoming posts coming in February:

-A Closer Look at A Bug's Life (Pixar Points)
-My Thoughts on Frozen (Pixar Points)
-Pixar Review: Mater and the Ghostlight
-Pixar Review: Lifted
-Pixar Review: Your Friend, the Rat

Of course there will be news stories in there too, which if you have read the most recent news story I will be doing original writings from now on to add more originally to my blog. Be sure to check into my blog which will have this posts coming very soon! But until then, see you soon!

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