January 31, 2015

The Pixar Points #18: Pixar's Directors

Hi everybody! Pixar movies are good for a reason: the people. The workers at Pixar always try to make their movies and shorts the best they can. One of the most important people that make the movies the way they are is the director. Pixar has had many talented directors. But are they good directors? Which are the best? Let's look at the wonderful world of Pixar's directors.

I have always loved the directors of Pixar. They have always tried to make good stories with animation.

I never think that any of these directors are bad, and I think they all are trying their very best. My favorites are Pete Docter and Andrew Stanton, and what I love the most of these directors are their ways of telling a story. Pete Docter comes up with creative ideas with a humorous, and Andrew Stanton tells stories that also have humor but a large amount of heart as well. Their styles are different but they both have the same amount of love of what they are doing.

I can't wait to see what my favorite Pixar directors have been working on and to see more newcomer directors as well. See you soon!

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What do you think of Pixar's directors?

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