January 15, 2015

The Pixar Points #16: My Opinion of Circle 7 Animation

Hi everybody! We all know Pixar has been making all kinds of sequels and prequels from Toy Story 3 to Monsters University. But did you know that Disney was almost going to make a company that would do nothing but Pixar sequels from Pixar works that they own? Well, I about to talk about them! This is Disney's short-lived Circle 7 Animation.
I personally don't really know what their final projects would have been like. The plots of some of these cancelled projects sounded pretty good. But feel that they would have lacked in compare to the actual Pixar movies we got.

I feel like they would feel less like Pixar and more like a cheap cash-in. I am sure the people who worked there for the short time were trying their very best to live up the Pixar classics.

I don't really have a solid response to this topic, so I'll just say what ever movies they were trying to make hopefully those people have a new job either at Walt Disney Animation or Pixar. See you soon!

What is your opinion of Circle 7?

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