January 18, 2015

Post 200: New 'Inside Out' Promo Animation!

Hi everybody! It's my 200th news article on this blog! We have covered many stories over the years from Blu-rays to the confirming of Finding Dory, The Incredibles sequel, Cars 3, and Toy Story 4. So for our 200th news article we have a news story that was found and was discussed on a topic for the forum on Pixar Post made by my PIX-R.113 user. So here is the scoop!

"Thanks to the keen eye of Pixar Post Forum user, PIX-R.113, our readers were made aware that the Disney Channel was advertising a sneak peek of Inside Out this evening at 7:30 PM. We anticipated that the sneak peek would be the television broadcast of the second trailer (more details can be found here, or you can watch the video below), but were happy to get a brief glimpse at some extra animation. The brief toolkit features Joy sneaking up on Fear and frightening him, sending him into an arm-flailing run!

The animation of Fear, although brief, really excites us to see more from this movie. We know we're going to absolutely love the more comedic movement of these characters - and fear is certainly going to make us laugh with his over-exaggerated movements. Also, I sure hope we eventually get to see Bill Hader (the voice of Fear) recording his sessions for the movie." -Pixar Post

I am really glad that Pixar Post did a post about the news I found a couple days ago, it shows that other Pixar fans can help other Pixar fans. My opinions on the short clip is that I feel that is a fun example of what awesome interactions are going to be in the final movie. Anyways, see you soon and happy 200 news stories!

What is your opinions of this short clip?

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