January 8, 2015

Post 198: Quickie: The Train of Thought

Hi everybody! Time for another News Quickie! We have been getting more and more stills of the movie as we get closer and closer to the release of Inside Out, this could be Pixar's big comeback after the recent movies. Anyways, here is the newest still from the movie.

The newest still shows Joy and Sadness (most likely when they get lost inside her head) in the "train of thought" and watching one of Riley's joyful memories. We don't  know that much about this location that much yet, but we will most likely will soon. It is also nice to see Sadness smiling and showing an emotion other then the one she represents. It reminds me of this clip from D23 Expo which shows Joy showing all kinds of emotions (as shown starting at the 0:16 mark). Anyways, stay tuned to this blog for more Inside Out news! See you soon!

What do you think of this still?

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