January 1, 2015

Pixar Review: 'Mike's New Car'

Hi everybody! It's a brand-new year! This year we will see all kinds of gadgets, cars, and of course Pixar movies. Speaking of which, today we will look at a Pixar short that is all about so something new... Mike's New Car.

After Mike earns enough money to get a six-wheeled car, he wanted to take it for a test drive. After Sulley gets in the car everything goes down hill. After has gone through enough pain he decides to do the ride by himself. A couple seconds after, he crashes it.

The Pixar Legacy:
This short doesn't get referenced as much in Pixar works as other shorts. The only thing I can give this short is that I can tell they tried to make this a great short. So, there isn't that much to talk about this time, so I am going to say it doesn't have a Pixar legacy. But that mean it's a bad short?

Final Thoughts:
This short was the first direct-to-DVD short, these shorts I don't like as much as the main shorts but I still enjoy them. The characters still act like they did in Monsters, Inc., the animation is of course great for what they could do at the time, and it has a great story. What else can I say? So, what is my rating?

My Rating: 8/10

What do you think of Mike's New Car?

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