January 31, 2015

Pixar Review: 'Jack-Jack Attack'

Poster for Jack-Jack AttackHi everybody! Most babies are cute, even if they might have super powers. But it would be bad if you had to take care of a super baby as seen in this short, Jack-Jack Attack!

Babysitter Kari thinks Jack-Jack will be a piece of cake to take care of. But she doesn't know the terror that will happen when you babysit Jack-Jack. So Kari has to deal with Jack-Jack's "special needs".

The Pixar Legacy:
Being a direct-to-DVD short there isn't that much to talk about here. I can tell Pixar took time to make this short, but there isn't that much about the impact of this short. The short doesn't have that much of a legacy expect it was supposed to be a part of the actual movie. I would say this short doesn't have a Pixar legacy, but does that mean it is bad?

Final Thoughts:
In my opinion, this is my favorite out of all of the direct-to-DVD shorts currently. It shows something that maybe some people wondered while watching the movie. It has great animation and creative story! I think this short is great! But what so I rate the short overall?

My Rating: 9/10

What do you think of Jack-Jack Attack?

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