January 18, 2015

Pixar Review: ' Boundin' '

Hi everybody! Don't worry if I haven't made a review in a while, let's just bound!

On a mountain a lamp is a popular animal with everyone loving to dance with him. But then, a sheep shearer buzzes off all of his hair. All of the other animals laugh at him, but then a jackalope makes him realize that it is okay.

The Pixar Legacy:
I can tell that they did put effort into this project, mostly shown by the good animation for its time. It has gotten referenced by the first Cars twice. The first is the jackalope being seen on the back of a SUV and the second being an easter egg on the DVD of a car version of the short. So I will say it has a Pixar legacy. But does it deserve it?

Final Thoughts:
I think this short is cute. It wasn't as grand as other shorts and the message that they are trying to set can be confusing. I love the animation it has all kinds of little details for us Pixar fans to love. They also did tons of research for the project, and that is always good! So, what do I rate the short?

My Rating: 7/10

What do you think of Boundin'?

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