January 9, 2015

'Inside Out' Drawing Challenge: Round 1

Hi everybody! Pixar fans everywhere are excited about Inside Out, now is your chance to show it! Introducing the Pixar Post and A Little Lamp Inside Out Let's Draw Challenge! Here is how it works:

-Every month on the Pixar Post Forum I will post under my PIX-R.113 username, a new topic where you have to draw a character from the movie.
-January is Joy, so to an artwork of her from January 1st to the 31st.
-You will not win anything, it is just for fun!
-You need a username to enter in the challenges!
-You can use any art style as you like.

To enter go here: http://forum.pixarpost.com/post/inside-out-lets-draw-joy-7235189?pid=1285665664#post1285665664

Here my entry for this month's challenge which I did in an eight-bit style using Make 8-bit Art!
So guys, have fun drawing, I can't wait to see your entries! See you soon!

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