January 8, 2015

'A Little Lamp' January 2015 Sneak Peek!

Hi everybody! I am starting this new series of posts that will look at upcoming posts of the current month. So, here are the list of the upcoming posts of the month! NOTE: Some posts might be pushed back to February because of my busy schedule.

-Pixar Points: My Opinion on Circle 7 Animation
-Pixar Review: Boundin'
-Pixar Points: Pixar's Sidekicks
-Pixar Review: Jack-Jack Attack
-Pixar Points: Pixar's Directors
-Pixar Review: One Man Band
-Pixar Points: My Opinions of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
-THE 200th NEWS STORY!!!

Of course we don't know when news stories are going to be released, so there are barely any scheduled news stories posts aside of planning to get the 200th news article. Most of these I plan of releasing on the weekends or close to the weekends, because that's when I am able to make posts. Anyways, see you soon and stay tuned to see these upcoming posts!!

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