December 31, 2014

The Pixar Points #15: Pixar and 2015

Hi everybody! With 2014 leaving us, we are now looking forward to midnight for a new year. This year we didn't have any movies by Pixar, but we still got Party Central in front of Muppets: Most Wanted and Toy Story That Time Forgot on TV. This site posted 126 posts, counting this one, which have a couple errors and glitches that were in some of them, but overall the site did pretty alright. But now, we are looking at what Pixar has in store in 2015.

Inside Out
(Coming June 19th)
This movie I feel can really get people interested in Pixar again. It is directed by the amazing Pete Doctor, so there will most likely will be heart, humor, and great characters. Too bad we have to wait a while. I can expect this to be a big hit hopefully both with critics and with the box office. This is definitely my most anticipated movie of the Summer.

The Good Dinosaur
(Coming November 25th)

This movie was going to be released in May 2014 with Finding Dory to be released on the date it currently has. But then they replaced the director and pushed the release to Finding Dory's old release date, thus pushing Finding Dory as well to 2016. Anyways, through the bumpy road this movie had hopefully this movie will be worth the wait. It is directed by Pete Sohn who you might know for directing the short Partly Cloudy and voicing characters like Remy's brother, Emile, and Oozma Kappa's very own Squishy!

(In theaters along with Inside Out, June 19th)
I want to talk about the short film Lava for a while. This short film looks really cute in a good way. It looks like a very interesting short that will hopefully show people the beauty that they can make. We don't know yet what short is in front of The Good Dinosaur, but it would most likely be just as awesome.

So that was a look at what 2015 has to offer. We have lots to look forward to, so get ready for an all-new bunch of posts! See you soon!

What do you think of Pixar's 2015 line-up?

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