December 26, 2014

The Pixar Points #14: 'Cars 3' - Good or Bad?

Hi everybody! The Cars movies may not be Pixar's greatest movies, but personally I thought they were just fine. When the movie was confirmed I, like everyone else, was more excited for The Incredibles sequel that they also confirmed that day also. Cars 3 is one of the movie ideas that everyone is simply saying "NO!" to. But what about me? Do I think this is going to fail? Do I think this is going to be awesome? Let's find out!
I admit, I am not the biggest Cars fan out there, but this has a slight chance of being good. The animation will probably be the highlight of the movie, seeing as it was the main feature in the last two Cars movies.

I personally think there isn't that much that you can do in this world, but there will hopefully have some good storytelling. The Planes movies were somewhat decent, so maybe this can be an improvement from the last two movies. I don't really think this is going to be a Pixar masterpiece.

So, I think it is most likely not going to turn out good, but it has a chance of being good. See you soon!
What do you think of a Cars 3?
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