December 23, 2014

The Pixar Points #13: 'Incredibles' Sequel - Good or Bad?

Hi everybody! The Incredibles has been the number one most-wanted Pixar sequel ever and tons of fans were pleased to here that they are working on a sequel to the movie. But even though they are saying a 100% "YES!" on this, I am going to look carefully if this is necessary. So get ready to ask where your super suit is because I am going to ask the question: If an Incredibles sequel is needed.

I am probably not going to surprise anyone on my final answer. A sequel to Incredibles has so much possibilities from a world of tons of supers and villains it has so much things they can do. I would like to see what they do to these characters no matter what they in. Whether it is right where the last one took off with them fighting the Underminer or in the future with them eating dinner, I will most likely see it. Also, because Brad is returning we can expect there to be the same level of heart, action, and humor.

Also, Pixar said that their will be a Pixar movie on November 22, 2017 and June 15, 2018. Quite possibly one of those is the release date for the movie.

Anyways, what ever happens you can say count on me on seeing the movie, and with that I can say that a sequel to The Incredibles is a good idea. See you soon!

Do you think a Incredibles sequel is good or bad?

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