December 5, 2014

The Pixar Points #12: 'Toy Story 4' - Good or Bad?

Hi everybody! Today we are talking about a recent Pixar topic that has most people spilt. Will Toy Story 4 be good or bad? Some people say that it will be a wonderful film by John Lasseter, while others think they should have stopped with Toy Story 3. What do I think? Is it good or bad? These questions are things that I am about to answer!

So here is the moment you have all been waiting for, what do I think about the fourth film? I actually think it will turn out good. Here a couple reason why I think it will work.

The first reason is John Lasseter, sure the Cars movie aren't that good, but he did direct the first two movies in this series. The second reason is the Toons and specials. These shorts show that the franchise still has ideas. The final reason is that the series has gone through this before.

Everyone wasn't sure about 2 or 3 and those movies are considered animated masterpieces! Anyways, in my opinion, Toy Story 4 is because of those reasons a good is for a movie.

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What do you think of there being a fourth Toy Story?

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